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醴陵华鑫电瓷 Liling Huaxin Insulator Technology Co., Ltd, located at  PuKou county, Liling city, Hunan Province, China, internationally will be doing business as (/D/B/A )

HPK  Insulators

is launching a new web site www.hpk-insulators.com aslo for the upcoming IEEE T&D 2020 Expo  Chicago  , visiting us at Booth: 1955.


Liling city 醴陵 never has its city name changed in 2,000+ year and its porcelain vase won a gold medal at Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915. San Francisco, California, USA.   HPK Insulators , found in 1985 , a family owned private company is the largest hollow porcelain insulator manufacture out of hundreds around Liling city  and in the world.  So far, HPK Insulators has more than 1,500,000 insulators in operation worldwide through OEMs.

HPK Insulators product line:

1.     Hollow Insulators -  Porcelain & Polymer   up to 1000kV

2.     Station Post Porcelain & Polymer  ANSI/IEEE  TR  &   IEC   C series

3.     Line Post - Porcelain & Polymer

4.     Suspension - Porcelain & Polymer   ANSI/CSA , IEC 

5.     Distribution




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